Gravity Wars

Gravity Wars screenshot

I wrote this in 2008 while learning how to code. It works well-enough even on Windows 10.


In 2020 I ported the old code to the Lua-based Löve2D. See the new code on GitHub.


Windows executable (Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 required)


Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 (It’s over a decade old!)


Gravity Wars is not my original idea. I played a 1992 MAC version of this game with my friend and thought it fun. From my brief correspondence with the creator (Rhys Hollow) of the version for Macintosh I learned the original game was written for Amiga (and not by him). Since all the versions I could find online that would work on PC were unsatisfying I decided to re-make the game myself. Not being a programmer (having only taken a college level course in Java) I went for the easiest route: library bookshelf. I found Visual C++ to be the easiest approach (as it created the windows file menu automatically) and began to code. About a month later, after agony, tears, and much help from mIRC and the online forums community I had a working version of the game.